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There are CNG and LNG gas vehicles in CAMC. The types include dumper, cargo, bulk cement, tractor truck, concrete mixer and mining trucks, and so on. These trucks are marked as CAMC Heavy Truck and CAMC Special Vehicle. With 280 to 380 horsepower, 8×120+2×80L, 4×120+2×80L (CNG) and 375/450/2×450L(LNG) cylinder volume, the trucks can be driven in 250km to 500km(CNG) and 300km to 800km(LNG). CAMC owns 14 public announcements. All of them are from CAMC National Standard Ⅲ Trucks: one 4×2 CNG tractor, one 4×2 LNG tractor, two 6×4 CNG tractors, one 6×4 LNG tractor, one <8×4 LNG cargo truck, one 6×4 CNG dumper, one 8×4 CNG dump truck, three 8×4 LNG dumper. 

Technology Leadership
As a China gas vehicle manufacturer, Hualing is the earliest enterprise that adopts new energy technology in the heavy truck in domestic. They have rich experience in product development and strong development capacity for new products. Their vehicle series are complete. They possess multiple patent technologies and lead the industry.

Mature and Efficient
Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd adopts the mature power products from domestic famous enterprises as Weichai and Shangchai. We make the matched design and optimization of the overall system at different road conditions and different loading mass, as well as provide high attendance. Since it came to market in 2005, it has passed certifications from different countries in Southeast Asia and South American and Inner Mongolia.

Safe and Reliable
The adopted gas cylinder has passed various tests such as physical test, hydrostatic test, impact test, blasting test, falling test, burning test, shooting test, penetration test and operation test. In addition, it is equipped with explosion-proof device for safety and reliability. Its accessories and refitting conform to relevant national standards, and the safety is assured.

Economic and Environmental Protection
Its gas consumption is equivalent to diesel engine (the price of natural gas is not up to 50% of diesel price). Even the emission standard upgrades from National Standard III to National Standard IV, the cost increase is not less 5000 yuan (if upgrading the emission standard from National Standard III to National Standard IV for diesel vehicle, the costs increase is more than 40,000 yuan).